16TQC68M – High Voltage Products

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Part number : 16TQC68M

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, High Voltage Products.

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Manufacturer : Sanyo Semiconductor

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16TQC68M Datasheet PDF

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RoHS compliance Solid Electrolytic Capacitors with Polymerized Organic Semiconductor TQCSeries * High Voltage Products Fe a tu re TQC series is perfect for high voltage, low ESR and low profile applications. It is the most suitable for pass-con of the motor driver by 12V, the input of the DCDC converter. Peak temperature 250˚C lead free reflow soldering products. (See P17) Please contact us, if your reflow condition exceeds this condition. Specifications Items Operating Temperature range Rated capacitance range Capacitance tolerance Rated voltage Dissipation Factor (D.F.) Leakage current (µA) Equivalent series resistance (E.S.R. mΩmax.) Temperature characteristics of Impedance ratio Endurance Condition — 120Hz/20°C 120Hz/20°C — 120Hz/20°C Rated voltage applied, after 5 minutes 100kHz/20°C 100kHz/+20°C 25TQC15M,25TQC22M (category voltage applied), 20TQC22M,16TQC33M,16TQC47M (rated voltage applied) 25TQC5R6M,25TQC33M,25TQC22MV,25TQC15MV,25TQC10M (category voltage applied), 20TQC8R2M,20TQC47M,16TQC10M,16TQC68M,20TQC15M,16TQC22M, 20TQC22MV,20TQC33MV,16TQC33MV,16TQC47MV (rated voltage applied) Characteristics –55 to +105 (°C) 5.6 to 68 (µF) _ 20% M:+ 16 to 25 (V.DC) ≤ 10.0 (%) ≤ 0.1CV B2size: ≤ 0.3CV Please see the attached characteristics list –55°C Z/Z20°C 1.0 to 2.0 +105°C 0.6 to 1.0 Z/Z20°C _ 20% of the initial value ∆C/C Within+ * 105°C,2000h 105°C,1000h tan L.C. ∆C/C tan L.C. ∆C/C tan L.C. ≤ 1.5 times the initial limit ≤ The initial limit Within+40%, –20% of the initial value ≤ 1.5 times the initial limit ≤ 3 times the initial limit _ 5% of the initial value Within+ ≤ The initial limit ≤ 3 times the initial limit (unit: mm) Damp heat (Steady state) Surge 60°C,90to95%RH,500h, No voltage applied 15to35°C,1000 times, 1kΩdischarge resistance, surge voltage applied Dimensions L Size code B2 C D2 D3L L*1 (±0.2) 3.5 6.0 7.3 7.3 W (±0.2) 2.8 3.2 4.3 4.3 H*2 (±0.1) 1.9 2.8 1.9 2.8 S (±0.2) 0.8 1.3 [ … ]

16TQC68M PDF File

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