10MQ060N Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : 10MQ060N

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER.

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Manufacturer : International Rectifier

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10MQ060N Datasheet PDF

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Bulletin PD-20519 rev. L 07/04 10MQ060N SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER 2.1 Amp IF(AV) = 2.1Amp VR = 60V Major Ratings and Characteristics Characteristics IF VRRM I FSM @ tp = 5 µs sine VF TJ @ 1.5Apk, TJ=125°C range DC




Units A V A V °C The 10MQ060N surface mount Schottky rectifier has been designed for applications requiring low forward drop and very small foot prints on PC boards. Typical applications are in disk drives, switching power supplies, converters, free-wheeling diodes, battery charging, and reverse battery protection. Small foot print, surface mountable Low forward voltage drop High frequency operation Guard ring for enhanced ruggedness and long term reliability Value 2.1 60 40 0.63 – 55 to 150 Case Styles 10MQ060N SMA www.irf.com 1 10MQ060N Bulletin PD-20519 rev. L 07/04 Voltage Ratings Part number VR Max. DC Reverse Voltage (V) VRWM Max. Working Peak Reverse Voltage (V) 10MQ060N 60 Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameters IF(AV) Max. Average Forward Current * See Fig. 4 IFSM EAS IAR Max. Peak One Cycle Non-Repetitive Surge Current * See Fig. 6 Non-Repetitive Avalanche Energy Repetitive Avalanche Current 10MQ Units 1.5 40 10 2.0 1.0 A Conditions 50% duty cycle @ T L = 120 °C, rectangular wave form. On PC board 9mm2 island(.013mm thick copper pad area) 5µs Sine or 3µs Rect. pulse 10ms Sine or 6ms Rect. pulse TJ = 25 °C, IAS = 1A, L = 4mH Following any rated load condition and with rated VRRM applied A mJ A Electrical Specifications Parameters VFM Max. Forward Voltage Drop * See Fig. 1 (1) 10MQ 0.63 0.71 0.57 0.63 Units V V V V mA mA V mΩ pF nH V/µs @ 1A @ 1.5A @ 1A @ 1.5A TJ = 25 °C TJ = 125 °C TJ = T J max. Conditions TJ = 25 °C TJ = 125 °C VR = rated VR IRM Max. Reverse Leakage Current (1) * See Fig. 2 0.5 7.5 0.45 86.8 31 2.0 10000 VF(TO) Threshold Voltage rt C T Forward Slope Resistance Typical Junction Capacitance Typical Series Inductance VR = 10VDC, TJ = 25°C, test signal = 1Mhz Measured lead to lead 5 [ … ]

10MQ060N PDF File

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