PC817 Optocoupler – Circuit Diagram

An optocoupler is an electronic component that uses an optical transmission medium between its input and output to form an electrically isolated circuit. Optocouplers detect input signals using light and deliver electrical signals to the output side through optical transmission.

Part number : PC817

Functions : General Purpose Photocoupler

Package : DIP 4pin

Manufacturer : Sharp Electronics

Image :

PC817 Optocoupler


The PC817, PC81X Series contains an IRED optically coupled to a phototransistor


It is packaged in a 4pin DIP, available in wide-lead spacing option and SMT gullwing lead-form option.

Input-output isolation voltage(rms) is 5.0kV. Collector-emitter voltage is 80V(*) and CTR is 50% to 600% at input current of 5mA.

1. Input and output isolation: Forms an electrically isolated circuit with optical transmission between the input and output. This allows the input and output signals to be electrically separated, protecting them from noise, voltage fluctuations, and interference.

2. Transistor output: Detects the input signal through optical transmission, and the output side uses transistors internally to provide current or voltage output. This allows them to detect input signals and interact with other circuits or devices.



PC817 pinout datasheet

Compact Dual-in-line Package information

1. PC817 : 1-channel type

2. PC817 : 2-channel type

3. PC817 : 3-channel type

4. PC817 : 4-channel type



1. Computer terminals

2. System appliances, measuring instruments

3. Registers, copiers, automatic vending machines

4. Electric home appliances, such as fan heaters, etc.

5. Signal transmission between circuits of different potentials and impedances

6. Current transfer ratio (CTR:50%-600% at IF=5mA,VCE=5V)

7. High isolation voltage between input and output (Viso=5000V rms)

8. Creepage distance>7.62mm

9. Pb free and ROHS compliant

10. UL/CUL Approved (File No. E340048)



1. Power supply circuits, data communication circuits

2. Switching circuits, industrial automation systems


Refernece Site

1. https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/blog/optocoupler.html

2. https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/180485/opto-coupler



PC817 Datasheet PDF Download


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